46+ 4 Wire Tail Light Diagram Background

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46+ 4 Wire Tail Light Diagram Background. Learn how to wire 8 different 4way switch methods including basic, dead ends, 2 wire travelers and light fed methods. The circuit diagram can be divided into two sections, the first consists of the led driver stage, where the ic 4017 forms the main led the leds are also discretely wired up to the different vehicle controls like the brake switch, the turn signal switches and an optional dim tail light switch.

5 Wire To 4 Wire Trailer Wiring Diagram Elegant Skene P3 ...
5 Wire To 4 Wire Trailer Wiring Diagram Elegant Skene P3 ... from i.pinimg.com
But got the info i need! Needing to rewire a harness for the rear lights of my 2003 dodge ram. A 3 wire is run from the light box to one dead end 3way.

Thank you for the diagrams above.

Electronic ballast has six ports, two ports out of six ports are for the input, and the remaining four ports are for output. Four way switching and more. Specifically, i'm trying to identify for each side the wire color for the tail light, turn signal and stop. Rear tail/position light wire = grey and yellow +ve.

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